Thanks, the World is Fun!

Last month’s #npface was hosted by the fabulous Amy Faulkner of The World is Fun (TWIF). A great group of ladies came out that night, sipped on beer (Amy has a kegerator. Cool.) and chatted about men’s beauty regimes and gourmet jello shots, to name a few things. FYI Amy’s office space is the coolest. She even rents it out for business meetings or private functions. Thanks to Amy for hosting, and see you next month!

It’s on! Meet Thursday’s host Amy Faulkner of The World is Fun

As we gear up for this Thursday’s event, here is some background information on our FABULOUS #npface host that you may not have heard of…meet Amy Faulkner, the Executive Director of The World is Fun. Make sure you introduce yourself (and thank her for the FREE BEER she is providing, yeah baby!)

Amy Faulkner of The World is Fun

Okay – your elevator speech. In 50 words or less, tell us about The World is Fun!

The World is Fun is a 100% volunteer run 501(c)3 organization devoted to introducing individuals, businesses, and those in need and encouraging them to participate in a creative community that enriches Seattle with the common belief that: yes, the world is fun.

How has social media supported your work at TWIF?

Our target demographic is 20 and 30 year olds so social media is not only a cost effective way to reach our audience but the most effective way for us to reach our audience.

What is next for TWIF and social media?

We’ve started new profiles for our 2013 large scale mural project “Stunning Seattle” which will bring internationally known street artists to Seattle to come work alongside Seattle street artists to create 20 large scale murals around the city. Its kind of fun to talk about art stuff for a change.

What non-profit do you admire in terms of social media marketing and branding?

Charity Water.

What’s the best way for people to get involved with your organization?

Volunteer with us!

What are your favorite Twitter handles (does not have to be work related!)

@1975ish @bus52

On to May! Next #NPface scheduled for May 23 at Row House Cafe

I am REALLY excited for May’s tweet-up because the Row House Cafe is just so darn cool. Plus, Melissa and Flash Volunteer did such an incredible job in April rounding up lots of new tweeps, I am excited to see everybody again in May! Remember to RSVP. It’s important so we can tell Row House where to put us!

Thanks all…more updates soon…

p.s. Lifelong AIDS Alliance (cough: me) is hosting in May! I can’t wait to meet you all if I haven’t already.

Flash Volunteer Killed it at Poquitos! Amazing turnout…

The recent #NPFace, hosted by Flash Volunteer, brought out lots of new faces and many familiar. The sunny sky was visible through glass atrium ceiling at my new favorite mod Mexican joint in Capitol Hill – Poquitos.  The margaritas were a plenty, as was the heaping mound o’ guac.  We had representation from Common Ground, NPower, Solid Ground, Flash Volunteer, One Brick Seattle, The World is Fun, and College Success Foundation, to name a few. Plus me – Lifelong AIDS Alliance. See you in May.

Meet your April 18 #NPFace host, Melissa from Flash Volunteer

Couldn’t be happier that Melissa Collett and Flash Volunteer are hosting the next #npface. Melissa is a busy girl. Not only does she volunteer on the Board for Flash Volunteer, but she is also the volunteer Community Partnerships Coordinator for KEXP, AND she is getting her Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University. Yowsas.

Here’s what Melissa had to say about Flash Volunteer, social media, and #npface.

Okay – your elevator speech. In 50 words or less, tell us about Flash Volunteer.
Flash Volunteer builds community and increases volunteerism in Seattle a sustainable, user-friendly online platform that connects, inspires and mobilizes volunteers to effect meaningful change on a neighborhood level. Our vision is everyone in Seattle engaged in regular volunteer service.

How has social media supported your work at Flash?
At Flash Volunteer we rely heavily on social media to spread the word about the volunteer opportunities posted to our website. We are helping support the social media efforts of other organizations by getting their volunteer events talked about online.

What’s the best way for people to get involved with your organization?
The two quickest way are to follow us on Facebook  and Twitter (@flashvolunteer). We are about to launch an updated version of our web platform, so stay tuned via social media or sign up for email list on our website!

What are your favorite Twitter handles (does not have to be work related!)
@UWSurplus for their wit and @KIRO7Seattle for their breaking news.

What hashtag can you not stop using?

What non-profit social media presence or campaign do you admire in town?
There are a few I think do a great job. WashingtonBus (@Washigntonbus) and League of Education Voters (@edvoters) are two.

What have you gotten out of participating in #NPFace?
Making new connections and I love hearing about what is working at other organizations.

March #NPFace at Il Fornaio was a’ bumping..

The recent #NPface was the biggest yet! Kudos for Dave Sharp and Beth Locke of the College Success Foundation for packing the house at Il Fornaio.  The room was the PERFECT space for such an event, and whoa – the food. Thanks for the nibbles, guys! I can still hear Beth say “macaROON” in a very dramatic and French sounding way. Ooooh, those were good.

Lots of familiar faces, some new. Thanks for coming out. Hope to see you tweeps in April.

Introducing our fabulous March #NPFace host, Dave Sharp of College Success Foundation!

Hello, NPFace! I’m Kelly, your new happy hour coordinator, blog updater, overall face behind NPface (so technically speaking, I’m the face behind the faces behind the tweets. Er…) Our fabulous founder, Harmony Hasbrook, has passed the baton to me and I cannot tell you how excited I am to keep the momentum going for this amazing group of non-profit tweeps. The pressure is on.

Many of you I have met, some I have not. Make sure you catch me at the March 20th tweet-up hosted by none other than Dave Sharp of College Success Foundation (if you haven’t registered, do it now! Oooh – you’ll come to see I’m a bit bossy).

So my first assignment – highlight our March NPFace host, Dave!

Okay – your elevator speech. In 50 words or less, tell us about College Success Foundation.

The College Success Foundation (CSF) inspires underserved, low-income students to finish high school and provides the unique integrated system of supports, scholarships, and mentoring they need to graduate college and succeed in life. Offices in Issaquah, WA and Washington D.C.

How has social media supported your work at CSF?

We use social media to reach/engage with several stakeholder groups including student/scholars, alumni, volunteers, mentors, policy makers, educators, partners and the media.  CSF has more than 6,000 followers on Twitter (5 CSF newsfeeds) and 3,600 fans on Facebook (4 CSF branded pages). The foundation’s YouTube videos have been viewed more 12,600 times.  CSF also maintains a presence on LinkedIn for recruiting and donor research.

CSF is seen as one of the leading resources of information on scholarships, education equality and mentoring.  US News & World Report listed CSF as one of the top 10 scholarship newsfeeds.  We are followed by most major media and education reporters on Twitter including The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, The Huffington Post, NPR, NBC Education, Seattle Times, Puget Sound Business Journal, KING TV, KUOW, KPLU, KOMO, KIRO, etc.

Additionally, the CSF marketing and communications team manages social media for CSF affiliates including the Washington College Bound Scholarship program, Washington College Access Network (WCAN) and the new Washington State Opportunity Scholarship.

CSF also conducts regular workshops for high school and college students on managing their online reputation and using LinkedIn to find jobs. I also conduct best practice social media workshops/training sessions for non-profits.

What is next for CSF and social media?

We plan on establishing a Google+ brand page and presence on Pinterest in 2012. Additionally, we hope to expand YouTube video library with more student success stories.

What non-profit do you admire in terms of social media marketing and branding?

Woodland Park Zoo

What’s the best way for people to get involved with your organization?

Come to one of our events where CSF scholars share their amazing stories. Or follow us at @College_Success on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook.

What are your favorite Twitter handles (does not have to be work related!)

@FundraiserBeth @heidicohen @NPFaces

What hashtag can you not stop using?


What have you gotten out of participating in #NPFace?

Building a great network of wonderful/ caring people who work for some amazing NW nonprofits.  Information sharing is great.

Dave can be reached at or @davidlsharp.

Happy 1st Birthday #NPface! May you live long and prosper.

When I started tweeting at other Seattle nonprofit logos one year ago, I never fathomed that one happy-hour invite could do so much. I would never have predicted that each month, without fail, perfect strangers would come together to share information and collaborate, or that with a simple hashtag I could summon the collective knowledge of some of the brightest and most passionate people I have ever met. More on that story elsewhere. It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed. In some ways it seems quick, in other ways it is a lifetime away.

On Thursday February 23rd we gathered at the Diller Room to wish our friendships a happy birthday. We had a great showing. There were veterans that have been there since the first tweetup. There were new faces as well and every one in between. Because some friends came late or left early, this picture doesn’t capture the entire group.

Here are the handles of everyone I could think of that was able to celebrate with us:
@samywca @Firesteel @commongroundwa @VolunteerKC @CHSW_NSeattle @College_Success @OneBrickSeattle @hollywyr @VolunteerYWCA @iheartsam @flashvolunteer @kellyWbray @1BCD @SeattleCenter @YWCAworks @TeamReadSeattle @Zanarama @SchoolsOutWA @CarrieZanger

If you use two handles, I used your logo-ed one instead of your personal one. Please let me know if I missed anyone.

What does the next year hold for us? Well, that will be up to you. I am handing this blog and the @NPfaces handle over to Kelly Bray. She has just started a new position at Lifelong Aids Alliance. In the true nature of Faces behind the Tweets, Kelly will be collaborating with all of you to continue to stay relevant and provide a support system for those passionate about making a living by doing good and being social.

Our March event will be hosted by @College_Success at Tulios and I believe it will be truly unique. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

@FiresteelWA #NPface Profile: Erin Murphy = Empowerment

@FiresteelWA - Erin Murphy

In honor of full disclosure I must preface this interview with some backround. The first time I met Erin Murphy was across a table at a panel interview. Erin was interviewing for the position as Director of Education and Advocacy Network at YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish where I was the Interactive Media Manager. We were hiring her to run a project we had been working on for over a year, that at the time, was top secret. She got the job, and settled into the office next to mine. Erin and I became fast friends and enjoyed working on the nuts and bolts of what has now become

This project has been close to my heart since it’s inception. I spent many hours in front of white boards, in brainstorming sessions and presentations. Naturally, I am thrilled that the project has launched and I was one of the first ones to sign up. To be objective, I got some help from fellow NPface cohort, Kelly Bray to craft some questions for Erin. I hope they help you to get to know her as well as I do, but of course the best way to get to know her is to attend tomorrow’s Faces Behind the Tweets.

What is your background prior to joining the YWCA?
I graduated from UW last June with a double Masters in Public Administration and International Studies. My focus was international development and I did a lot of work in Kenya around human rights and gender rights while working with an artist collective. ( I decided to present all my work digitally and did a lot of digital media storytelling and website development. I fell in love with how accessible and compelling social media is in telling stories. My work with the YWCA is a change in that it is domestic, but I’m loving the opportunity to work to empower women in my own home community and rest a bit from my nomadic, world-traveling habits!

I also worked as the volunteer Advocacy Manager for Seattle Against Slavery and gained a lot of great legislative advocacy experience in the anti-trafficking community here in WA state.

How did Firesteel come about?
The YWCA has been a leader in direct service for a long time. Recently we decided to take a more proactive approach to policy advocacy in order to better support and improve our direct service. The services we provide are very often limited or provided opportunity thanks to state policy, so we want to more directly influence those policy decisions. Our Seattle YWCA began talking to other YWCAs in the Northwest region about a vision for policy advocacy that would engage our community in more sustainable and interactive ways. We made a big commitment to social media in launching Firesteel and I’m excited to see where it goes!

The name Firesteel refers to an object that creates a spark for a fire. We thought that was an inspiring idea for advocacy and believe that Firesteel can be a spark for change.

Explain “statewide advocacy network.” What exactly do you guys do?
We are a partnership of 8 YWCAs across WA state. There is a lot of great advocacy work already happening and we want to support and grow that existing work. The YWCAs have thousands of constituents all across WA and we want to encourage those supporters to engage in advocacy, and connect them to advocacy work being done by community partners. We plan to grow Firesteel into the gateway of information when it comes to homelessness but we see people coming back to the site because of the community we hope to build.

Our partnership around the state goes a long way in legislative advocacy because legislators are from every part of the state! Our policy makers like to hear from their constituents, and we have Firesteel-partnering YWCAs in a lot of districts. Our goal is to help secure a more equal playing field for women and families by looking beyond individual choices and taking the institutional and structural barriers head on.

What’s the best way for people to get involved with you?
Visit our site! I encourage people to register so you can really benefit from how we are integrating social media to personally tailor the website to each user. We are even going to roll out a gaming feature in the next few months, in order to help users navigate the site better and walk through the different levels of advocacy. Think the Linked In prompt approach but in a way that lets users build their online advocacy reputation and encourage more participation.

If you had to describe your organizational goal in 5 words or less, what would it be?
Structural Change that Empowers Women (& families)

What is your favorite feature of Twitter?
I enjoy meeting people I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s even better when I then meet those people in person!

What have you gained from attending Faces Behind the Tweets?
I have really benefitted from the encouragement and community that NPface offers. I love being able to hang out with a group that can speak the same digital lingo, sympathize with social media challenges, but also provide support and enthusiasm for nonprofit social media efforts.

Where do you think the group could go in the future?
I am currently obsessing over the Google + Hangout On Air feature. Can’t you envision a non-profit social media hangout session where more people can engage and learn? It’s like a more personal webinar. Let’s be cool like Obama! 🙂

Table for 4, please: The smaller the #NPface, the bigger the talk.

Stan and Kristin from @Eastside_Legal, Jeanette from @OneBrickSeattle and Me

If there is one thing I have learned from Faces Behind the Tweets, it is that every tweetup is imperfect in a way so drastically different from the one before. It leaves me wondering if there will be an event that I won’t be surprised, pleased and disappointed by all at the same time.

Another thing I will admit is that I am not an Eastsider. I don’t know anyone who lives out there (Mercer Island doesn’t count) and the only people I know who work out there, work at Microsoft. It takes a lot to get me to cross Lake Washington, especially at rush hour. Still, it seemed a worthy challenge to have an NPFace in Bellevue to be fair and balanced, and Eastside Legal Assistance Program was enthusiastic and met all of our requirements for hosting.

I am now doubting that there are more than 5 or so Eastside nonprofits that use Twitter. We contacted them directly (@) and only two of them replied. If you are reading this and you work for a nonprofit on the Eastside, speak up now or forever hold your peace, because I think #NPface is going to stay in the Seattle city limits going forward.

Still, no regrets. One strong up-side of a small group is that the conversation is very productive. No small talk. We discussed privacy issues, filtering, the echo chamber, the networking scene, and reaching at risk populations on Twitter. We recommended books we’ve read, and the waitress recommended (and served) awesome beers. Taphouse was a lovely venue, I would certainly go there again… next time I am in Bellevue.

Our next meeting will be the 1 year anniversary of Faces Behind the Tweets. We are excited to partner with YWCA’s @FiresteelWA to celebrate both this tweetup and the launch of their platform for social change. Join us for Happy Hour at The Diller Room on 1st and University downtown from 5 – 7 pm on Thursday February 23rd for friendly non-profit pro faces, cheap drinks, and door prizes! I can guarantee this won’t be like any NPface yet.

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