Happy 1st Birthday #NPface! May you live long and prosper.

When I started tweeting at other Seattle nonprofit logos one year ago, I never fathomed that one happy-hour invite could do so much. I would never have predicted that each month, without fail, perfect strangers would come together to share information and collaborate, or that with a simple hashtag I could summon the collective knowledge of some of the brightest and most passionate people I have ever met. More on that story elsewhere. It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed. In some ways it seems quick, in other ways it is a lifetime away.

On Thursday February 23rd we gathered at the Diller Room to wish our friendships a happy birthday. We had a great showing. There were veterans that have been there since the first tweetup. There were new faces as well and every one in between. Because some friends came late or left early, this picture doesn’t capture the entire group.

Here are the handles of everyone I could think of that was able to celebrate with us:
@samywca @Firesteel @commongroundwa @VolunteerKC @CHSW_NSeattle @College_Success @OneBrickSeattle @hollywyr @VolunteerYWCA @iheartsam @flashvolunteer @kellyWbray @1BCD @SeattleCenter @YWCAworks @TeamReadSeattle @Zanarama @SchoolsOutWA @CarrieZanger

If you use two handles, I used your logo-ed one instead of your personal one. Please let me know if I missed anyone.

What does the next year hold for us? Well, that will be up to you. I am handing this blog and the @NPfaces handle over to Kelly Bray. She has just started a new position at Lifelong Aids Alliance. In the true nature of Faces behind the Tweets, Kelly will be collaborating with all of you to continue to stay relevant and provide a support system for those passionate about making a living by doing good and being social.

Our March event will be hosted by @College_Success at Tulios and I believe it will be truly unique. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

About deedeemama

The world has radically changed, and we need to change the way we live within it. Rules about work, play and family are out the window. It's time to reclaim what makes living joyful: connecting with others to explore new ideas.

One response to “Happy 1st Birthday #NPface! May you live long and prosper.”

  1. Kelly says :

    And might I add BRAVO to the fabulous Harmony Hasbrook who birthed this baby exactly one year ago, and with it, built new friendships and gave rise to this cool group of mission-focused, happy hour loving, social media tweeps. So excited to see what year two will bring!

    p.s. Dave decided on Il Fornaio, the tasty Italian place at Pacific Place for the March event. Stay tuned!

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